2008 Winners

As you can see the polls have closed on voting and we have winners! Those that have emerged victorious (vide infra) will receive a shnazy banner image to place on their blogs. Expect to receive that this week. So, without further ado, the winners are:

Most Visually Attractive Blog
Byzantine, TX

Best Theology Blog
Energetic Procession

Best Individual Blog
Glory to God for All Things

Best Group Blog
Icon New Media Network

Funniest Blog

Best Blog on the Domestic Church
Adventures of an Orthodox Mom and other ramblings...

Best Church News Blog

Many emails came in thanking us for this project. We are glad to be able to easily call this a success and have plans to continue and expand the field next year. Thanks for visiting, thanks for voting, and thanks to the bloggers who put in all the hard work in the first place.