June 3, 2009

Voting update

Voting continues at a breakneck pace with hundreds of people having made their opinions known. We expect to close the voting phase June 8th barring any unforeseen technical difficulties. After that some human oversight will verify the voting numbers, the winners will be contacted, and then announcements will be made. Thanks to all the nominators, the nominees, and the voters for making this year's awards wildly successful!


Kimberly Emilia said...

Can you post the list of nominees and their addresses. As I was voting I saw some things that I would like to revisit

Theophilus said...

Ooh, Kimberly has a great idea!

I don't think the nominees would mind, either.



'Scuse me, I think there's something caught in my throat...

Philippa said...

LOL! Actually there are a bunch I'd like to subscribe to as well!

I hope you do not post the number of votes each blog gets, but only announce the "winner".

Josephus Flavius said...

We certainly will be posting the complete nominee list. The current plan is to post the winner and the runner-up.