October 11, 2010

2010 Awards nominations open

Nominations are now open! To nominate an entrant simply click on one of the below links. Multiple nominations are welcomed and encouraged. Nominations aren't votes, this is putting people on the ballot to be voted on later (during the voting phase). We will be accepting participants until October 31st. The categories this year have expanded by two since 2009. As with last year, there will be prizes!

Please mention this site to friends, post referrals on your blogs, and mention it in your podcasts.


Best Church News Blog

Best blog at keeping up with current events and providing insightful commentary.

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Best Domestic Church Blog

Blogging about everyday life informed by faith - family, home, work-life, and everything in between.

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Funniest Blog

A blog that is simply, unequivocally funny.

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Best Individual Blog

Preeminent blog written by an individual.

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Best Group Blog

Premier blog worked on by a group of people.

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Best Theology Blog

Most well regarded blog on matters theological. This doesn't require lofty examinations of arcane topics, but perspicacity that enlightens and provokes thoughtful discussion.

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Most Visually Attractive Blog

A blog that either presents beautiful images on a regular basis, has a well designed blog format, or in some other way is pleasing to the eye.

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Best Podcast or Internet Radio Show

Podcasts have flourished in recent years. As a result of this joyous abundance people now have access to voices from the Eastern Churches never before available.

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Best Forum

Most informative, timely, or entertaining online forum.

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New Categories

Best Parish Website

By popular demand we've added a category for parish websites. There are some wonderful sites being put out and they certainly deserve recognition. This section is open to parishes, missions, mission stations, etc.

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Best Jurisdictional Website

There are some dynamic, attractive, and informative jurisdictional websites available to the faithful. Some provide information about saints (hagiographies, icons, information on special commemorations), events for youth, resources for people drawn to the Eastern Churches, church news, and many other topics. All of these websites qualify (GOYA, SOYO, ACRY, diocesan websites, youth resource websites like the OCA's DCE pages, etc).

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